In the Meantime

Have you ever been on a road trip and catch the end of a song that reminds you of your child hood? This happened to me driving back from college in ‘05 so before the beloved Siri. I caught the end of a song on a passing radio station and the melody hit me. X101.5 in Tallahassee famed this song when I was a youngster. I wanted to hear the rest, I needed this song in my life! Heres the problem I only know a part to a part of a Lyric. Did he say “all in all were just like you”? I think so. Upon arrival home I hit google and start trying to find this song. For years I can’t find this song. Im humming it to everyone pulling all the strings I know to pull to find the answer. I had given up on ever knowing the mystery song. (Side note were taking this back old school with some social media) After Graduation I am home clicking around Myspace I click on my old roommate Bill Ferguson’s Page. Whats playing as I enter! “In The Meantime” -Spacehog. Bill had unknowingly found the song. Long story short now the song reminds me of summers in Tallahassee and My buddy Bill.