Upcoming Events

I can't think of a time in my life that I have been more busy. On top of the every day work load I have an increase in freelance side projects. Thats the stuff that pays the bills lets talk about the fun stuff. This weekend March 31- April 2 2017 I am evaluating contestant in the Georgia District AG Fine Arts  festival. I got the best categories T-Shirt/Graphic Design,Bass and Guitar Solos, KT Rap Solo, and Spoken Word. Come on man Killer way to spend the weekend hanging out with some killer students doing what they love. This is my second year evaluating and if i keep getting killer spots like this to judge I'll keep at it. Stay tuned for the outcomes.  

Round 2 of this busy months for Mr. Corrick. April 5-9 at the amazing Springer Opera House in Downtown Columbus, GA I'll be attending as much of the Creative South Design Conference that I can. Mike Jones puts on one heck of an event. I am looking forward making some new design friends. I know I'll have to be away from Creative south on friday April 7th because I have the honor of Showing and selling my students from the Boys and Girls Club  art at the First Friday Art Walk. If your free that friday around 4 come on down and bring some cash. 

One Love